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Last Night: Fire Bad, Cop Visits, and Life Threatening Experiences
I went to bed like I normally did last night when around 2:15 am something orange flashed in front of my eyes and I felt my legs burning. Letting out a scream, I look down to find my bed on fire.

After scrambling out of bed and putting the fire out with my teddy bear, I'm afraid that my light has malfunctioned so I am afraid to turn the light on and instead use a flashlight to investigate. Nothing appeared to have been on the ceiling so I didn't want to take any chances.

I call my parents, and when they don't answer I call my sister, and in a freaked out and flabbergasted manner, tell her my bed was on fire. She says she'll be over in a minute. My mom calls me back a few minutes after I hang up with my sister and I tell her what happened. She says she and my father will be coming as well (they live 20 minutes away, my sister lives about five).


So my sister gets to my house with my brother in law and we try to figure out what happened. Nothing electrical or anything appears to have been the cause. Then my brother and law finds a hole in the blinds on the very tip top of the two windows in my bedroom facing the street.

It appears something came through my window about the size of a ping pong ball, hit the wall with such force that it creates a metallic indentation, and lands on my bed, setting three sets of blankets on fire with me under them. After some searching around we discover some blackened metallic chunks scattered around the room.

We call the cops to come investigate and have a lengthy conversation with the 911 operator (I was fine, just startled. I wound up getting a "sunburn" like effect on my knees and thighs).

The cop takes my statement and investigates the hole, sheets, and etc. He's equally baffled by the trajectory of the object (whatever it was), given how high up it came through the window. By now it is also 5:30 in the morning. The cop is about to retire in 10 days and he says in all his years this is one of the weirder things he's seen.

At first he thinks bottle rocket, fireworks, or a meteorite (seriously), but he's not so sure.

There's a huge, often heated and violent yearly football game between two rivals going on the next night so kids are out en mass and he wonders if it might've been something from some kids (given the trajectory, again, he's still not certain).


After taking my statement, the cop says unfortunately there's not much they can do other than file a report and leave it at that. To test what the object is would cost $5,000.00. So he says sorry, and says he's glad I'm okay, and leaves. My family bundles all my blankets and sheets up in a trash bag for posterity's sake and tape it shut.

My parents depart, as my dad has to meet a buddy for breakfast in a half an hour (he was supposed to be up at 6:00 am anyway and arrived at my place at 3:15 am). My sister offers to let me stay the night with her, so I agree. Being still in my night gown, I tell them I'll meet them at my house. They leave, and I get dressed, climbing in my car, headed to my sister's house.

Halfway there I get a phone call.


"This is police dispatch, I have a phone call for you from an officer, may I patch him through?"

A bit confused, I tell the guy yes and it's the cop from about 20 minutes earlier. He said he talked to his Sargent, who freaked out and asked him to file a full report, complete with pictures, and asks me to come back. So I get back and we wind up taking pictures of my window from both sides, the indentation the hole made in the wall, all three layers of the blankets, the debris, my duplex, and the numbers on my place.


Being nosy I noticed that my case file on the paper he was taking the pictures with as a determinate of scale said "deadly conduct." At first I thought he was using something from a previous case but it had my address on there so I asked. According to the officer he said the term was originally reserved for drive by shootings ( definition of deadly conduct ). If it wasn't an accident or a meteorite, and some kids or someone was firing off firecrackers or etc, and they get found, they could be charged with the crime. He takes the metallic debris with him. Hopefully we'll get to know now (though them having to pay $5,000.00 kind of makes me feel weird).

I thank the cop (he was awesome) and then head to my sister's house where she has a bed made up on the couch ready for me. Flooded with adrenaline, I'm unable to sleep, and I want to call my boss at work because of course it'll be time to get up anyway in about a half an hour so I kind of want to actually sleep.

So I call my boss, she freaks out but tells me that's fine and a good idea. By then it's 7:15 am. My boss suggests maybe if it was something that came off an airplane. I text my friend and co-worker and she happens to be up, tell her the freaky news and she freaks out too. And after that I still can't sleep.


My sister can't sleep either so we go and get breakfast. Along the way we stop by a nearby CVS pharmacy to get some milk and I blearily look at the lady behind the counter who's giving me the 'wtf you looking at/I don't want to be here' eye.

After eating until our stomachs are almost uncomfortably full, my sister tells me to go get some sleep. So I lay on her bed (which is the best bed ever, memory foam and all) and sleep for about two hours (giving me a total of four hours of sleep) until 1:30 pm where I realize I need to call my other boss for my other job later that night.


He's a bit calmer than my other boss, but he's usually like that. I ask him to get off today and he's like sure, after the usual peppering me with questions.

Then I call my landlord to see if I can get someone to fix the window. She says she'll send someone over once I call her later with what the police say. I was kind of hoping they'd maybe do it next week because I don't know if the cops'll even call me back and I don't want a reminder.

After that my sister comes home (she still couldn't sleep so she went out to a fair) and we get ready to go to the football game with the two high school rivals mentioned earlier. My nephew goes to school with one of the groups and my sister asked him to ask around to see if they knew of anyone doing anything around my area (they had some thing early in the morning). I am apparently famous now with a small hoard of high-schoolers.

We go to the game, the school my nephew's on loses, I come home and put new sheets and a blanket back on my bed.

Now I'm working up the courage to sleep in the bed again but since it was a freak occurrence I'm trying to tell myself that. Given that I can barely keep my eyes open on four hours of sleep I think I'll be able to do it.

I really hope we find out what it was. Right now I'm going to tell people meteorite.

Pictures later.

And how was your night?

  • 1 night was nowhere near as eventful as yours. I'm very glad you're okay and safe, and not severely burned.

Since it caused a fire, all I can guess is meteorite at this point, too. Since wouldn't something falling from a plane go straight through the roof? And most likely be frozen, rather than setting things on fire?

(Seriously, even with hundreds of icons, I don't have one suitable for this type of situation.)

I was checking out to see if there were any meteor showers around that night and here's what I found:

Meteor Shower Guide

Check out November 5th. It says the meteors are the most prevalent around November 4-5th.

Also, the name of the meteor event? South Taurids.


That is incredible.

I can only guess what the odds of that happening are.


Of course! Beware any mysterious cracks in the wall that may appear. The ones that weren't caused by random meteorites, anyway.

I must say when I first read the tale I was thinking meteorite myself, and fireworks didn't even occur to me until you mentioned them, but I'm still going with meteorite.

Doubt it was a firework, but who knows really.

(p.s, found you thru shadow_3013's comments, and your hair looks deelish btw)

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